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How do I decide which Golden Rule Mussar sessions to attend?

As with anything worthwhile, GRMussar behavior change and growth takes time and work.  We recommend that you attend all the bi-monthly sessions so you can maintain focus, build a solid practice, and stay 'awake'.  That said, any GRMussar is life-changing so even one session will help you move forward on a joyful journey and make an impact on our community and world.

GRMussar is organized as a three-year program of 20-24 annual Soul Trait (middot) sessions each year. 

Those who complete the journey milestone of 75% of GRMussar sessions each year will be celebrated in June at an EdenRoad community gathering.  After completion of the three-year program and a special community project, we will honor graduates with a B'nai Middot Celebration!

GRMussar Foundation (First Year) includes the following middot and will be offered again beginning September, 2020 in parallel to the Second Year program.  A selection of past sessions will be offered over the summer months. 

Foundation (Year One) Sessions:

- Wake up and Pause! (hitlamdut)

- Making Decisions (bechirah points)

- Humility

- Compassion

- Gratitude

- Order

- Patience

- Truth

- Silence

- Responsibility

- Moderation

- Trust

- Fear

- Enthusiasm

- Equanimity

- Generosity

- Honor

- Simplicity

- Loving-Kindness

- Awe

If you are just interested in checking out or dropping in once and a while, we welcome anyone to join any GRMussar session if there is space available.

Do I need to register or pay in advance?

Intimate group discussions depend upon respect for each other and deep presence.  An advance commitment and prioritization is important to achieve this dynamic. 

A 48-hour registration and cancelation policy is in place.  Earlier RSVP's are always greatly appreciated.  

Payment is required by the beginning of each program.  

The 4-session GRMussar package ($120) requires registration for those sessions at the time of purchase but also allows for 48-hour cancelation of each session.    

Is there a fee to attend sessions?

GRM programs have a session fee while Joyful Community programs are often funded by grants or gifts from GRM to our community. 

Check out the program descriptions for specific information. 

Contact Jessica to discuss fees/honorarium for Talks and Workshops.

Where are GRM programs held?

GRM offers programming across Westchester.  

GRM Mussar smaller group sessions are held at a private home in Armonk, NY. The address will be provided upon RSVP/payment.

Yiddish Fun! is held at the Shames JCC in Tarrytown. 

GRM De-Cluttering for your Soul and 

GRM Book Discussions will be held at a private home in Armonk.

The location will be clearly explained upon either RSVP or payment.

What is Golden Rule Mussar?

Golden Rule Mussar is a proprietary new behavior change program based on the Golden Rule Mindset of waking up to the impact of your behaviors on others, layered with traditional Mussar, positive psychology, and mindfulness techniques.

Once you become aware of your internal dialogues, narratives, assumptions and judgements, it is easier to see how they impact both yourself and others. Then you can start to make changes for the better.

Our inspiring GRM family provides a warm and trusting environment to share in thoughtful conversation and build tools to improve our own lives, our relationships and our community.

Traditional Mussar is the ancient form of Jewish spirituality; the word Mussar means correction and instruction. In simple Hebrew it means ethics. In essence, it is a way of life that shows us how to realize our highest spiritual potential, including an everyday experience infused with happiness, trust and love.

Positive Psychology is a scientific and professional movement that brings together the latest research in neuroscience, mindfulness, contemplative studies, and holistic medicine. 

Mindfulness techniques raise your ability to clear your mind of distraction, wake up, and focus on the present moment, with intentionality and non-judgment.

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