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GRM Enthusiasm: It's about energy management, not time management.

Enthusiasm is an attitude about life, a mindset around all our behaviors, an awakened gratitude and empowerment. It's tough to stay in that positive state as the day passes and we are depleted from a multitude of energy consumptions. So many decisions made, darkness from news feeds, hunger, dealing with frustrating people, noise, navigating unknowns, creating new social behaviors like wearing masks, and so much more.

But these depleting impacts do not give us an excuse for poor behavior that too often leads to words spoken that can't be taken back and missed opportunities.

Rather, raise your awareness of your mood, identify some of the stimulus that has taken a toll, and find a way to replenish. Take a few moments for silence, a step outside, a few deep breaths, a sun salutation, food, a nap, a quick meditation, a mindless game, a podcast,.. whatever you need to replenish your energy and enthusiasm. It's about energy management not time management.

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