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GRM Enthusiasm: Savoring your many silver linings

Enthusiasm drives the energy to take action. Enthusiasm is living with awakened gratitude. Enthusiasm is seeing life as filled with empowered choices. Practicing enthusiasm helps you to develop a tendency towards the positive.

A life with Enthusiasm is steeped in silver linings. Be sure to think about your silver linings that impact others. Changing your language from 'I need to..' to 'I want to...' is a game changer! Kick up your practice of GRM Enthusiasm. Try journaling your silver linings everyday. You'll surely surprise yourself at how good life really is, even in these pandemic times.

Start with some easy ones... Here's a few of mine:

  • I'm excited to be building relationships with my neighbors since many have been around more. One is planting beautiful little tress to help stop erosion on our street. Another is planting bee/butterfly-loving plants. I was inspired to get onto that journey and am turning an area of lawn into a wildflower field. We're starting to take care of the neighborhood and local environment together.

  • My friend across town was really struggling with some family issues and losses. I felt like I should shlep over there, bring a gift, and spend some time with her, to be a good friend. I changed my language in my head from 'should' to 'I'm excited to' and headed on over with a lighter and enthusiastic attitude! We had a great time exploring her gardens and watching the menagerie of animals and birds who love being nearby. We enjoyed a really joyful experience together and raised both of our spirits. And I learned a ton about what's happening outside my windows!

  • I now make a special effort to show my sincere gratitude to those I cross paths with. In our divisive world, Covid19 has brought us together around a common challenge. We are all in this together and will handle it together. We have new respect for so many strangers who are in our lives, for all those people who are taking risks to keep us safe and fed and entertained... like those nearby delivering our packages and stocking and cleaning our supermarket shelves, and all those strangers who make up the supply chains, and the teachers and healthcare workers and so many more that we never really thought about before. Our awareness brings long-deserved dignity to their jobs.

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